• Vinho Verde
  • Terras de Sicó
  • Douro
  • Alentejo
  • Trás-os-Montes


Valle dos Tres Irmãos

Vinho Verde
The Family own Quinta da Avaleira and Quinta de Gondim, which it has owned in generations. Bernardo Brito started making his own wines from the family vineyard. He focuses on low production, high quality...

Monte Formigão

Terras de Sicó
Wine production has been in the family fore more than 3 generations. Today Maria Ramos, her daugther Carla and son in law Alexandre are running the winery. Their sole objective is to continue crafting...

Quinta de Santa Eugénia

Although the winery was founded in 1996 the vineyards have been in the family for 3 generations. Quinta de Santa Eugénia owns 16 hectares of vineyards across the 3 sub-regions of Douro. The vines...

Quintas de Vila Garcia

Vinho Verde
In the 1990s it was decided to start a project to boost wine production and quality in the Vinho Verde region. In 1992 the community of Quintas de Vila Garcia was born. The mission...

Quinta do Beijo

'The Kiss Winery' has more than a century of history and tradition. The winery is family owned for more than 100 years, and currently run by Miguel Monteiro. Miguel manages the wine production and management...

Honrado Vineyards

Wine like the Romans? Talha wine is a concept from Roman times of producing wine in massive clay pots. Grapes are destemmed, crushed and poured into a big talha (clay pot). Skins float atop...


In the village of Parada in Trás-os-Montes Casa do Joa produces some fantastic wines. Grapes are grown on vines +130 years old, producing some beautifully structured and balanced wines. Most of the wines are...

Quinta Vale D’Aldeia

The mission is to be among the best and most highly regarded winemakers. We love the ambition!Sitting in the Douro Superior region the vineyards cover about 80 hectares. Wines from this sun exposed area...

Quinta do Ferro

Vinho Verde
Quinta do Ferro is a family project run by Micaela Ferro. It is located on the right bank of the Douro River, in a sub-region of Vinho Verde. It is what you will refer...