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The Portuguese wine industry has gone through some hard times. It survived the Oidium tuckeri (fungus that causes powdery mildew) in 1848 and later the devastating phylloxera infestation in 1868. The replanting began around 1883 with American vines since they were found to be resistant to the pest.

Portugal’s wine legislation was reformed when it joined the European Union in 1986. A two-tier system was implemented; the apex of Denominação de Origem Controlada (DOC)/Denominação de Origem Protegida (DOP) and Indicação Geográphica Protegida (IGP)/Vinho Regional, considered table wine.

In recent decades growers have rediscovered grapes of the past. In fact, the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho (IVV) lists over 350 grape varieties, at least 250 of which are indigenous.

Portugal is currently the 5th largest wine producer in Europe and 11th in the world. The Douro, Lisboa and Alentejo regions account for over 50% of the country’s wine production.

  • Terras de Sicó
  • Douro
  • Alentejo
  • Vinho Verde
  • Trás-os-Montes
  • Azores


Monte Formigão

Terras de Sicó
Born of the creative genius of our grandparents who planted them, and of our parents who preserved this legacy in harmony with nature and gave us the bility to dream, a part of our...

Quinta de Santa Eugénia

The best is born here The Sociedade Agrícola Quinta de Santa Eugénia, created in 1996, is located in Alijó county, in the Cima Corgo - one of the three Douro Sub-Regions - specifically in...

Quintas de Vila Garcia

Vinho Verde
It was in the 90's when the Parish of Vila Garcia, Municipality of Amarante, was given the mention of "Pilot Parish of the Vinho Verde Region", which fostered, with greater force, the need to...

Quinta do Beijo

The Kiss Winery - You'll feel at home with us With more than a century of history and tradition and 12 acres of vineyard and olive trees, Quinta do Beijo (directly translated to "The Kiss Winery")...

Honrado Vineyards

The dissemination of vineyards in the Alentejo, at that time of ancient Lusitania, by the Romans, happened more than two thousand years old. The history of men is confused and intertwined with the history...


“ Having time is the most precious asset for those who aspire to great things ”- philosopher Plutarco Parada is a village where time passes slowly, and this gave Joa the space he needed...

Quinta Vale D’Aldeia

Quinta Vale d’Aldeia – located in the Meda region in the heart of the Upper Douro – is a project born of one family’s effort and dedication, with the main aim of producing outstanding wines....

Quinta do Ferro

Vinho Verde
Founded in 1999, Quinta do Ferro is a family project, located on the right bank of the Douro River in Gestaçô Baião, sub-region of Vinho Verde, and on the border with the Douro region....