Château de Saint Martin

Description / History

is the oldest family-run estate in Provence (1740). Since the beginning the successful estate has been in the lead of women, except for one period. Today Adeline de Barry represents the 11th generation of this historical estate in Southern France.

Adeline is applying a sustainable approach in the vineyard. She is inspired from the fundamentals of a regenerative vineyard, taking the best from organic and biodynamic principles.
In 1955 Château de Saint Martin achieved the title of Cru Classé. It is a demanding recognition to achieve, a title only 18 wineries in Provence can use.

Among the wines offered you will meet what is referred to as the Beautiful Collection. This is wines where grapes and nectar is obtained from neighbours or talenteed winemakers friends of the estate. It is a beautiful collaboration, allowing Château de Saint Martin to offer Rhône and Languedoc wines created from just the best grapes.

There is a lot to love from this beautiful estate and its Provence wine. Enjoy