Quinta da Côrte

Description / History

In the heart of the Douro Valley you find Cima Corgo. The finest Port-producing wineries are located here. For many years Quinto do Côrte was owned by another family, producing and delivering grapes to some of the major labels, such as Taylor’s, Croft, Ramos Pinto and Delaforce. Quinta do Côrte has always had the potential, due to the promising terroir, to become its own. Contracts and resource restraints was in the way of independence.

In 2012 independence was gained. Phillipe Austruy purchased the domaine and in 2013 produced its first Douro red wine, Now Quinta do Côrte offers a range of high-quality Red and Port wine.

The land consists of 22 plots of land. The growing methods applied are close to fully organic practices. The approach allows for a progressive natural balance to develop between the vine and its environment. Sustainability is a cornerstone in the belief system of Phillipe.

With the history of providing grapes to major labels of the port wine industry, Quinta da Côrte has already proven themselves. We can now all experience the true potential of the winery, grapes and terroir. Enjoy