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Most frequent questions and answers

It is a marketplace that allows you to purchase wine directly from wineries.

Our job is to make the world of wine available to you. We take care of the logistics for both you and the winery – and through continuous improvement we will negotiate better terms to benefit you as a customer.

Go explore and try wine you may otherwise not have access to.

We offer the wineries optimal conditions. We do not determine their sales price, nor do we engage in any form of exclusivity.

We provide the winery with an additional sales channel. There is minimal work required from the winery as we execute the transactions.

theCoWine cuts out the middle man, improving margins for the winery while you benefit on the sales price.

Payment terms? None. We help improve the winery cashflow.
Other conditions? None. We keep it simple.

We are here to serve you and the winery. That’s it!

We believe in a free market where wineries have no constraints, and where you as a customer is not limited to what your grocery store or wine specialist likes. 

The ultimate goal of theCoWine is to put the world of wine at your fingertips.

If that isn’t ideal, we don’t know what is!

You may return products by e-mailing 

For a period of 24 months, you  have the right to return the wine(s) purchased.
This means that if the item was defective at the time of delivery, you can get your money back – or we ship you a new order. This, of course, requires that the complaint be justified and that the defect is not a result of incorrect use, storage or improper handling.

The wine has gone bad. We will replace it or refund your money.

You purchased more than one bottle of the same wine and it isn’t your favorite? Taste is subjective, so we cannot help you there. Pass it on as a gift instead :).

Any other feedback you may have let us know. We are here to provide you with the best experience.

Never. The price includes the winery’s margin, our tiny profit, VAT, logistics and excise duties, if applicable. 

What you see is what you pay – delivered straight to your door!