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Raíces de Valparaíso

*Contains Sulphites

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Bussay Winery

Our family based winery is located at the triple border point of; Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia; near the Mura river. The valley of the Mura and the special layered soil makes the region so special for wine making. My father, Dr. Bussay László, and my mother, Dr. Ratkovics Ágnes have laid the foundations of our winery in 1989. After the tragical death of my father, I have decided to keep on our family’s treasure of making and showing our wines from this exceptional region. In 2017 my husband, who is also a winemaker, started to support my work. The winery is only 5 hectares. The vines are grown organically, since our goal is to protect the beautiful nature around us

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